Burro Branco/White Donkey

Burro Branco/White Donkey is an anthropological film about the oldest border-lines across Europe. With over 700 years old, the same route delimits Portugal and Spain – two neighbor-countries which have always lived with their back to each other throughout their history.

In northern Portugal, the border-line delimiting the territory of Riba Côa, on the hillsides between the rivers Douro and Côa, there is a vast world of approximations and emigrations of its population over the centuries. The film deals with this universe of cross-border relations in the village of Almeida, where every year, in August, a major defeat of the Portuguese and British troops against the army of Napoleon is celebrated. All Augusts, Portuguese, French and Spanish enact and reconstruct in detail the contours of that fateful battle. At the end of the month Almeida is again empty with the Spanish and French returning home, leaving however the illusion of being able to communicate through this unreal battle.

Directors: João Trabulo
Production: Periferia Filmes
Genre: Fiction