30.000 Years

In the Côa River Valley, in northern Portugal, were rediscovered thousands of prehistoric engravings in open air after centuries of oblivion. They are the most ancient works of art known to Humanity.
30.000 years after the prehistoric men engraved the art works on the shale rocks along the Côa River, modern men return to this savage landscape in order to build an ultra contemporary Museum consecrated to these prehistoric artists.
Faced by all these changes, the people living in Côa Valley become more aware of the past, present and future, of the evolution of human beings on Earth.

Festival Selections and Awards
2012 Trento International Film Festival – Italy
2012 PANORAMA – Portuguese Documentaries Film Festival – Portugal
2011 DocLisboa’11 Official Selection – Feature Films National Competition – Portugal

Exhibitions/Commercial Release
2011 November 6 and 7 – DocLisboa’11 Extension – Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça – Portugal

September 21st, 2011