La Pivellina

Abondoned in a park, the two-year-old girl Asia is found by Patti, a circus woman living with her husband Walter in a trailer park in San Basilio on the outskirts of Rome. With the help of Tairo, a teenager who lives with his grandma in an adjacent container, Patti starts to search for the girl’s mother and gives the girl a new home for an uncertain period of time.

La Pivellina is a film about a cosmos of outcasts in present-day Italy: a moving tale of courage and discrimination, of loss and togetherness, a look behind the corrugated-iron fence of a gated community.

2011, 16 June – Cineclube de Tomar – Tomar
2011, 8 June – Cineclube Santarém – Santarém
2011, January 11 – Cineclube Ao Norte – Viana do Castelo
2011, January 3 – Cineclube Faro – Faro
2010, December 2 – Cineclube de Tavira – Tavira
2010, December 24 – Cineclube de Évora – Évora
2010, November 21 – Cineclube de Vila do Conde – Vila do Conde
2010, September 30 – Cinemacity Classic Alvalade – Lisboa

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