During the End

During the End is an interior voyage into the artistic universe of the Portuguese sculptor Rui Chafes. It begins with the crossing of an intimate space that is threatened by mystery, by anxiety and by a strange magic that envelopes the artist’s work in his atelier. We enter his studio, in the noise of the machines, in the silence that surrounds the conception of his work. Then we are in a mountain forest and in various European cities (Lisbon, Oporto, Madrid, Munich, Paris) where Chafes’ sculptures are on display. We cross Germany in search of traces of the Romantics: Novalis, Goethe, Kleist are Chafes’ points of reference, as is the Gothic sculptor Tilman Riemenschneider. Images and more images, and the film by Helma Sanders Brahms about Kleist, which Chafes watches in the darkness of a cinema. Finally, the emptiness and the dust, the silence of those who have always known that in the end what remains are work, words and the yearning for supreme ideals.

Festival Selections and Awards
2006 The European Union Countries Documentaries Panorama, Russia
2005 Museum Folkwang, Essen, Germany
2004 Kunsthallen Nikolaj, Copenhagen, Denmark
2004 Rio de Janeiro Film Festival, Brazil
2004 New York Independent Film Festival, EUA
2004 Festival International du Film sur L’Art, Montreal, Canada
2003 Esbjerg Kunstmuseum, Esbjerg, Denmark
2003 XII Festival Luso-Brasileiro de Sta. Maria da Feira – Breakthrough Award
2003 Torino Film Festival – Official Selection – Italy

2011 June 23 – Commercial Release
2011 June 14 – Complement of the exhibition of Five Rings by Orla Barry & Rui Chafes – Colecção Berardo Museum, Lisbon
2011 May 30 – 9500 Cineclube, Ponta Delgada, Azores
2006 The European Union Countries Documentaries Panorama, Russia
2004 International Festival of Films on Art, Montreal Canada
2004 New York Independent Film Festival, New York, USA
2004 Rio International Film Festival, Brazil
2003 Torino Film Festival, Italy
2003 XII Festival Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maraia da Feira

Commercial Release
2012 DVD Box: João Trabulo’s Filmography (No Company, Shadows, During the End)

February 7th, 2011